• oppressed group:*speaks about their lived experiences being marginalized*
  • oppressors:source?

can I drop out

unsure unsure unsure

not really done with my essay but its fine

college so far has been great, challenging in new ways and I’ve met amazing people but its also strange (of course a very privileged position to be in higher academic space) because in some ways it has been so unfulfilling

I so much more prefer working in the communities I’m close to/grew up in and now I’m in western mass and although its encouraged to get involved in new communities I resonate with/feel inspired to take a part in for whatever personal reason I still feel out of place (and I know its been like 2 months so it’ll be fine and I know I’ll be fine) but anyways I’ve just really been noticing the gap between certain communities and higher education and the lack of access and integration¬†